Ingrown hair after waxing

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Ingrown hair after waxing
Ingrown hair after waxing

A lot of women and men often complain of skin irritation, redness, inflammation and burning just after waxing. Small red bumps also appear on the area of waxing, causing itching and infection. These small red bumps are commonly referred to as ingrown hair or razor bumps. In medical terms, they are known as pseudofolliculitis barbae or PFB. Ingrown hair is not uncommon in people with curly and coarse hair. It is most likely to develop in areas where the hair is waxed such as facial hair, underarm, pubic or on the bikini line. People who get ingrown hair after waxing may experience severe pain and find the affected areas to get red.

The problem of ingrown hair occurs after waxing when the hair grows back into the skin. Although waxing is done to remove the hair with follicles, hair sometimes does not get removed from the surface of the skin and breaks either above or below. Thus, the un-removed hair curls back against the skin in place, becoming blunt and sharp. In place of a new hair growing back at the waxed area with an even edge, ingrown hair appears.

How to prevent ingrown hair after waxing

To prevent ingrown hair from appearing from waxing, it is advisable that you take necessary precautions while waxing.

  • While waxing at home, do ensure that all the directions are followed thoroughly and very carefully when applying and removing wax. Following instructions and taking proper care while waxing offer better chances of getting hair removed along with the follicles as opposed to just a few strands.
  • Exfoliating the skin before and after waxing will help prevent the growth of ingrown hair and not cause irritation and burning. Gently exfoliate the skin with the use of a soft cloth material or a mild exfoliating lotion. Use of loofah or a gentle body massage scrubber can also help remove the dead skin cells, thereby letting you wax properly and easily. With the help of exfoliation, one can get rid of dry and dead skin tissues and further prevent the hair from growing back into the skin.
  • Follow the exfoliation process a day after the wax is done and continue it for some days to make the hair that grows back to point up rather than letting them go back into the skin. Depending upon the skin type, choose the exfoliating cream or lotion and do it regularly for a couple of times a week to keep the skin cells from turning dry and becoming scaly and patchy.
  • It is better to wear loose, comfortable clothes rather than opting for tight-fitting dresses after you have gotten any kind of body waxing done in order to let the skin breathe and not get constricted. Wearing tight clothes may cause itching and severe burning sensation at the waxed areas, causing red bumps to appear on the surface of the skin. It can also act as a stimulant for the hair to grow back into the skin.
  • After a waxing session, use good-quality products that can combat and prevent ingrown hair from reappearing. Creams containing moisturizing and exfoliating properties can be applied after a round of waxing to ensure that the smallest of hair strands does not remain embedded beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Apply topical or depilatory creams after waxing as they have nourishing and soothing constituents. These creams helps in pulling out the hair from the follicles by effectively working on the roots, thereby giving no chance for hair to curl back into the skin and removing the root cause of ingrown hair. Applying such creams also lends a healthy look to the applied waxed area. With the use of topical creams, you can ensure that the hair does not remain embedded in the skin's surface and is removed safely from the roots.
  • A number of spas and salon also sell different creams that help in breaking up the keratin that is present in the hair that grows back into the skin. It extracts the hair from the roots and effectively treats the ingrown hair. Among a number of products sold, Tend Skin- a type of liquid cream is quite popular as it is considered to be good for treating ingrown hair. Apply the cream after 48 hours of waxing and follow the directions as mentioned in the package to reduce redness and burning. It can be also applied before waxing to loosen the hair strands so that waxing can be done easily and smoothly.

It is much easier to prevent the ingrown hair problem from recurring after waxing than treating the red bumps later on. Following preventive measures can help you fight ingrown hairs from appearing on the skin's surface.