Ingrown hair and laser surgery

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Ingrown hair and laser surgery
Ingrown hair and laser surgery
Laser hair removal

Ingrown hair is not a grave skin problem, but it can cause embarrassment. When hair grows back on the waxed or shaved skin, the skin of the affected area develops little pustules and may appear inflamed and red. Painful red bumps occurring on face, legs, underarms or pubic region post shaving or waxing can be frustrating and bothersome. However, there is no need for concern. Ingrown hair can be treated and prevented in various ways. One of the most effective methods for removing skin from follicles is laser surgery. Most people suffering from ingrown hair problem prefer to go for laser surgery over other treatment options.

Why laser surgery is chosen treatment option

Although there are a number of solutions to get the ingrown hair treated, people generally opt for laser surgery over waxing or shaving due to its wide benefits. This method helps get the hair removed completely and also prevent red bumps from appearing. However in other treatment solutions, one may not get the hair permanently removed and chances of getting razor bumps also persists. If there is only one or two ingrown hair, one could use electric razor or tweezers or just choose to let it grow out. Choose laser surgery if you have to remove the vast majority of hair follicles.

Laser surgery used for treatment of ingrown hair also helps in resolving problems such as hyperpigmentation and inflammation that occur on the surface of the skin where hair follicles remain and produces wispy shafts.

How laser hair removal method works

For treating ingrown hair and removing the hair from the follicles by way of laser surgery, one can either go for intense pulsed light (IPL) or take the option of laser beam. In IPL, one is exposed to interspersed flashes, while in laser beams, affected areas will be exposed to focused laser lights in the laser beam option. It can take as much as 5 to 6 laser hair removal treatment sessions to remove about 70% of the hair. Given that hair growth is in cyclic form, higher the number of visits to the laser treatment centres, higher the chance of achieving successful result for the treatment of ingrown hair and permanent hair removal.

Who should take laser surgery?

Laser surgery for treating ingrown hair works well for people with light skin shade and dark hair. However, people with dark skin and light hair can also undergo laser surgery, but they may require 2-3 more sessions as unlike women with light skin tone.

What is the guarantee of laser surgery?

Results of laser surgery are difficult to predict and one cannot tell easily whether laser treatment will prove good for all. Success of laser treatment for hair removal depends upon the quality of the laser lights that one is exposed to, the type of hair that one has and also the number of visits and sessions that one has undergone or will undergo. Before taking laser surgery, try and talk to a skilled dermatologist and also people, who have this taken this treatment option for removing the hair from the follicles.

What is the cost of laser surgery for treating ingrown hair?

Laser hair removal treatment and curing of ingrown hair with the use of laser lights is not a cheap option. Price range for laser ingrown treatment may vary from place to place and depends upon the number of sessions that one would take to get rid of hair from the follicles.

Few important things to know about laser surgery

For hair removal by laser surgery, do know that it may take several sessions or several visits to the clinic. Typically, laser hair removal can be performed satisfactorily in 6 treatments but one can go for fewer sittings if they have to significantly reduce the tendency to get ingrown hair.

Laser surgery can cause localized damage as it involves selective heat treatment. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the surgery is not performed over inflamed or infected areas. Selectively exposing the area that causes hair growth to laser lights may cause the area to darken or cause hyperpigmentation in some areas of the skin.

Post 3-8 set of laser surgery treatment, you may also have to go for touch-up treatments, especially on large areas.

Before you undergo laser surgery for treating ingrown hair, it is advisable that you get it done from a trained skin-specialist and from a reliable medical center or laser therapy center. Results of the laser surgery for red bump and permanent hair removal treatment depend largely upon the ability and experience of the laser operator. However, the choice of laser technology also matters.