Ingrown hair in pubic area

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Ingrown hair in pubic area
Ingrown hair in pubic area

As more and more people are becoming more inclined towards fashion and grooming, it has become a fad to have a clean shaved look at their pubic areas. This is not even a new concept because ancient Egyptians, Indians and people of many other civilizations preferred it that way, although they perfected the art of managing it. However, these days, this often results in a skin problem called ingrown hair.

This is a skin condition that occurs when a piece of the hair, instead of showing an outward growth, grows back into the skin. This is common in the pubic areas and is extremely painful and disturbing. Although there is a common belief that this problem occurs in people who have a poor sense of hygiene, medical science has proved that there is no correlation between poor hygiene and ingrown pubic hair. Generally, the area becomes reddish, with rashes and bumps and it gives an itchy and painful feelings.

Causes of Ingrown Pubic Hair

Often times people wax and shave the hair that is present in the pubic areas. When the process is not done properly and with enough care, ingrown hair is formed in the pubic areas. Generally, while waxing pubic hair, it is important to exfoliate the area. This means that the top layer of the dead skin has to be removed. However, when one hastens up the waxing process or do not pay much attention to it, the ingrown pubic hairs often occur.

Improper shaving practices also results to the growth of ingrown pubic hairs. Often times, the hair is not being removed from the root. This leads to breakage below the skin. Constant and wrong shaving techniques also irritate the hair follicle. dead cells are built up in the pores and the hair that gets trapped underneath the skin appears in the form of ingrown pubic hair.

There are several other causes of ingrown pubic hair. If there is oil entrenched in the hair follicles or if the skin is suffering from lack of moisture, this type of skin condition occurs.

There is also some genetic evidence to the growth of ingrown pubic hair. It occurs mostly among some races, such as American Africans.

Signs of ingrown pubic hair

The pubic areas where ingrown pubic hair occurs become reddish with a small bump. There can also be a small blister on the area containing pus. This can even rupture and result in bleeding. The skin produces a severe itching sensation, tingling and even pain.

Prevention of ingrown pubic hair

It is important to take precaution against the growth of ingrown pubic hair. There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. These include the correct methods of waxing and shaving. Let us examine some of these preventive measures.

  • Following the right shaving techniques - It is important to use the right shaving method on the pubic area. It is advisable to shave gently and in the direction of the hair formation. Too much of shaving is not recommended. If you follow the same pattern of shaving every time, the hair doesn't curl and instead grow upward and straight. You can also trim the hair sometimes instead of shaving it barely always.
  • Using the right razor - It is important to use a sharp-bladed razor. It is better to use a safety razor to shave this sensitive area. A single-bladed razor is always better than multi-bladed razors that can result into ingrown pubic hair. Using an electric razors is much more useful in prevent ingrown hair. The head of the electric razor is kept off the skin's surface and shaved in a circular motion. Do not press the razor very close to the skin. If the razor is not sterilized properly, it may lead to severe infection.
  • Using the right shaving cream - The right shaving cream is very essential for your keeping your skin healthy. As a result, you may not have problems like ingrown pubic hair. You should use a shaving cream that has a conditioner. This exposes the hair from the roots and does not allow the formation of ingrown pubic hair. Since the area is sensitive, it is ideal to use a hypo- allergenic shaving cream. This softens the hair, thereby making it easier to shave. You should also use a baby lotion or an aloe vera cream after bath to soften the hair follicles.
  • Wearing the right clothing - You should not wear loose and comfortable under-garments. Very tight fittings under wears cause constant abrasions resulting into ingrown pubic hair.
  • Avoid waxing - This method of hair removal is not advisable especially in the pubic areas, owing to the fact that it is the most sensitive area.

Ingrown pubic hair causes a lot of discomfort. By soaking the area in a hot tub releases the pain. Methods such as exfoliation and tweezing are effective in the pubic area.